DC-Technology® - It´s the chemistry.

Faster. More efficient. Better. With the creation of the patented Dual-Chemistry-(DC-) Technology®, the Analytik Jena has a novel platform technology for the isolation and purification of nucleic acids. And when we say "novel," we mean it literally. The kits from Analytik Jena are not just marginally different from competitors' products but differ in substance: better chemistry!

The heart of DC-Technology® is the discovery that efficient binding of DNA to a mineral solid phase can also occur without a high salt concentration. Instead a combination of chaotropic and non-chaotropic salts is used which enables the development of optimized lysis and binding buffers.

Nothing changes for you as a user with regard to hardware and work organization: The routines stay the same. However, you will notice an improvement in quality in many cases with regard to the results – and this applies even more so, the more complex the starting materials are.

DC-Technology® - The History.

The History

En route to the New Generation of Prep

Until the late 20th century, phenol and chloroform were used to extract nucleic acids – a long, arduous process. The groundwork for the method that is still popular today was laid by Vogelstein and Gillespie in 1979 with the discovery that DNA undergoes reversible binding with silica under certain salt conditions.

Ten years later, Boom filed a patent for a method for isolating DNA from complex biological samples. The sample is lysed with a chaotropic buffer and the DNA is adsorbed on a DNA-binding solid phase. After washing the bound DNA using alcoholic buffer, the DNA can be desorbed from the solid phase by adding water or a low-salt buffer. The most popular kits for isolating and purifying nucleic acids that are available on the market today are based on this patent – with minor modifications.

Analytik Jena can take credit for the next surge of innovation. The
DC-Technology®, developed in 2005 and since patented, stands for extremely efficient lysis of the starting materials, significantly reduced hands-on times and unusually high sensitivity. Test our DC-Technology® – test the kits from Analytik Jena!

One-of-a-kind flexibility with the DC-Technology®

Which do you prefer: three different tools for three tasks or one tool with which can do everything with the highest quality? innuPREP Plant DNA Kit is the Swiss army knife of products for isolating DNA from plant material. In concrete terms,
DC-Technology® incorporated into this kit means: you have the optimal reagents at hand for all starting samples – in one compact kit – thanks to three optimized lysis/binding buffers.

innuPREP Plant DNA Kit

  • DC-Technology®

  • One for any kind of plant sample material: includes 3 different Lysis/Binding buffer systems

  • Get rid of specialized kits

  • Ideal conditions for each plant material (including fruits, corn and seeds)

  • Isolation of highly pure DNA free of plant inhibitors and secondary metabolic products

  • Suitable for use with an extremely wide variety of plant materials

  • High yields from up to 100 mg starting material

  • 3-lysis buffer system for optimized and specialised lysis of plant material

  • Specific guidelines according to kind of sample

  • Tested for fresh or frozen blood sample (including dry archived material), leafs, wood, seeds, needles, fruits

The innuPREP Plant DNA Kit has been specially developed for quickly and easily isolating DNA from an extremely wide variety of plant starting materials (such as leaves, stems, roots, flowers, etc.). In addition to efficient sample digestion, the extraction routine also includes a prefiltration step to effectively minimize unlysed plant components. The DNA is then bound to a Spin Filter column using a novel Binding Buffer, after which it is washed and then eluted in a separate Elution Tube. The extracted nucleic acid is then immediately available for a number of downstream applications and can be stored for future applications without any trouble.

Order number Quantity
845-KS-1060010 10 reactions
845-KS-1060050 50 reactions
845-KS-1060250 250 reactions

Starting material:

  • Various plant materials (max. 100 mg)

  • Fresh, frozen or dried plant material

Extraction time:

Approx. 30 – 40 minutes

Binding capacity:

Column binding capacity: > 50 µg DNA

Average yield:

  • Depends on the type and starting quantity of the plant material

  • Approx. 3 – 25 µg

Average purity:

1.7 – 2.0

Outstanding cost-effectiveness with the DC-Technology®

Why deal with detours when there's also a direct path to the destination? With the innuPREP PCRpure Kit, you reduce the number of work steps for the purification of DNA fragments from amplification batches from 4 to 2: binding and eluting. All other work steps are omitted due to the low salt concentration – a noticeable savings of time and labor.

innuPREP PCRpure Kit

  • DC-Technology®

  • PCR cleanup in just 3 minutes: novel 2-step-procedure – just bind and elute

  • Effective concentration due to elution with very low volume down to 10 µl possible

  • A new, 2-step process for performing PCR purification in just 3 minutes

  • Ability to process very small elution volumes of at least 10 µl

  • High rates of recovery for a large range of fragment lengths

  • Extremely fast and simple with minimal steps involved

The innuPREP PCRpure Kit provides an extremely fast, simple and highly efficient method for purifying amplification products directly from PCR reaction mixtures and/or for concentrating PCR products. Purification is based on a two-step method and takes only approx. 3 minutes to complete. The need for previously standard wash steps is eliminated, thereby reducing the overall process to binding and elution. The process makes it possible to recover amplification products ranging in size from 60 bp to 30 kb with recovery rates of 75 % to 95 % depending on the length of the amplification product. Also, elution can be performed with a very small volume of just 10 µl, which eliminates the need for specialized »mini-elute« Spin Filter columns.

Order number Quantity
innuPREP PCRpure Kit  
845-KS-5010010 10 reactions
845-KS-5010050 50 reactions
845-KS-5010250 250 reactions
innuPREP PCRpure 96 Kit*  
845-FP-5010192 2 x 96 reactions
845-FP-5010384 4 x 96 reactions
845-FP-5010960 10 x 96 reactions

Starting material:

PCR reaction mixtures (up to 50 µl)

Extraction time:

  • Approx. 3 minutes

  • Based on a fast, 2-step process

Binding capacity:

Column binding capacity: > 20 µg

Fragment lengths:

> 60 bp – 30 kb

Average rate of recovery:

Approx. 60 % to 95 %, Depends on fragment length

Unrivaled speed with the DC-Technology®

Everyday laboratory routines are completed timed – every minute counts. With the patented
DC-Technology® from Analytik Jena, you save time without having to suffer a loss of quality. In our innuPREP DNA Mini Kit for the rapid and efficient purification of genomic DNA, a stringent lysis buffer together with a novel binding buffer ensures extremely rapid tissue lysis – and also the subsequent extraction process only takes eight minutes.

innuPREP DNA Mini Kit

  • DC-Technology®

  • Flexible and universal application

  • Unrivaled fast lysis combined with high efficient binding

  • CE-IVD certified

  • Flexible and universally applicable for a broad range of starting materials

  • Patented DC Technology for faster lysis and highly efficient gDNA binding

  • Spin Filter columns used for isolation

  • CE-IVD certified

The universal innuPREP DNA Mini Kit has been specially designed for fast, efficient purification of genomic DNA from a variety of different starting materials. The kit utilizes patented Dual Chemistry (DC) Technology, which combines a stringent Lysis Buffer with a novel Binding Buffer to help minimize the time required to purify DNA. The result is an extraction process that takes no more than 8 minutes (not including lysis). Spin Filter columns are at the heart of the isolation process, which is very easy to perform and offers a binding capacity of up to 100 µg of gDNA. The innuPREP DNA Mini Kit is also certified for in-vitro-diagnostics use (CE-IVD).

Order number Quantity
845-KS-1040010 10 reactions
845-KS-1040050 50 reactions
845-KS-1040250 250 reactions

Starting material:

  • Tissue samples of up to 50 mg

  • Rodent tail specimens 0.5 – 1 cm in length

  • Paraffin samples (tissue)

  • Eucaryotic cells (max. 5 × 106)

  • Buccal swabs

Extraction time:

Approx. 8 minutes after lysis

Binding capacity:

Column binding capacity: > 100 µg gDNA

Average yield:

  • Depends on the type and quantity of the starting material

  • Up to 65 µg

Average purity:

1.7 – 2.0

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High degree of sensitivity with the DC-Technology®

Whoever wants to gain a lot does not necessarily need to use a lot. Thanks to DC-Technology®, the extraction kits from Analytik Jena for isolating viral DNA and RNA are characterized through above-average sensitivity – the limit of detection is decreased. With the innuPREP Virus DNA or DNA/RNA kits, you can process double the amount of starting samples for the same price. Many people call this magic. We call it DC-Technology®.

innuPREP Virus DNA Kit, innuPREP Virus DNA/RNA Kit

  • DC-Technology®

  • Including Carrier Mix with internal extraction control

  • High quality, concentration and purity of nucleic acids

  • Double amount of starting material (400 µl Plasma / Serum) can be prepared at same price

  • Simultaneous isolation of viral DNA and RNA from a variety of starting materials

  • Patented DC-Technology®: rapid lysis and efficient binding

  • Extraction method based on the use of Spin Filters

  • Optimum removal of inhibitors ensures trouble-free use of nucleic acids in subsequent applications

  • Recommended for samples with unknown virus

  • Includes Carrier Mix with internal DNA and RNA extraction control

The innuPREP Virus DNA/RNA allows researchers to purify viral ssDNA or dsDNA and ssRNA simultaneously from serum, plasma or other cell-free bodily fluids, from tissue, paraffin or swab samples, or from cell cultures. A novel extraction chemistry known as Dual-Chemistry-(DC) Technology® guarantees researchers the ability to isolate highly pure viral nucleic acids of excellent quality. The use of a Spin Filter membrane maximizes DNA and RNA yields. In addition, having a number of different extraction protocols makes it possible to adapt the innuPREP Virus DNA/RNA Kit to the starting material used. One major advantage of this kit is the time saved by isolating nucleic acids simultaneously, particularly when using starting materials in which the viral contamination is not clear.

Order number Quantity
845-KS-4800010 10 reactions
845-KS-4800050 50 reactions
845-KS-4800250 250 reactions

Starting material:

  • Serum, plasma, cell-free bodily fluids, supernatants from cell cultures (400 µl each)

  • Tissues and biopsies of up to 20 mg

  • Swab samples

Extraction time:

Approx. 25 minutes


Positive PCR and TaqMan® real-time PCR testing results

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Extremely efficient with the DC-Technology®

Effectiveness means doing the right things. Efficiency means doing things right. Our innuPREP Blood DNA Mini Kit meets both requirements. Thanks to an unrivaled, efficient lysis buffer, you can process significantly higher sample volumes than with other manufacturers' reagents. The revolutionary DC-Technology® ensures a high binding capacity and significantly higher yields – with considerable effects on the price per preparation.

innuPREP Blood DNA Mini Kit

  • DC-Technology®

  • Extreme efficient Lysis Buffer  for up to 400 µl whole blood samples (EDTA, citrate and heparine)

  • High binding capacity for high yields

  • CE-IVD certified

  • Fast, direct isolation of genomic DNA from whole blood samples of up to 400 µl 

  • High yields of up to 30 µg and extremely high-quality gDNA, depending on the sample and the amount used

  • CE-IVD certified

  • 2 protocols: < 200 µl and up to 400 µl blood sampls

  • Tested for EDTA and citrate stabilized and for fresh or frozen blood sample (including long time storage)

  • Based on patented DC chemistry

The new innuPREP Blood DNA Mini Kit is a highly efficient tool for directly isolating DNA from whole blood samples of up to 400 µl. The new optimized Kit for extraction of DNA from blood guarantees extremely high-quality DNA that can be used immediately for photometric determinations, PCR or other downstream applications. The innuPREP Blood DNA Mini Kit is very fast and easy to use. Isolation of genomic DNA – free of inhibitors or impurities – can be completed in just 24 minutes. The kit is also CE-IVD certified and has already undergone successful testing: genomic DNA has been isolated from whole blood samples and then used in subsequent diagnostic applications.

Order number Quantity
845-KS-1020010 10 reactions
845-KS-1020050 50 reactions
845-KS-1020250 250 reactions

Starting material:

  • Whole blood samples (up to 400 µl)

  • Fresh or frozen blood

  • Stabilizers: EDTA or citrate

Extraction time:

Approx. 24 minutes, including lysis

Binding capacity:

Column binding capacity: > 50 µg gDNA

Average yield:

  • Depends on sample and the used volume

  • Up to 30 µg gDNA

Average purity:

1.7 – 2.0

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DC-Technology® - The Video.